Thursday, 3 February 2011

Why do you do that?!

Work has been hellish this week. Not only am I extremely busy, but a lady I work with has just sold her house. Not a problem, you'd think, but this woman has a way of turning any situation into a nightmare. She talks over everyone and only wants to talk about herself. So of course, we've heard all about the sale (numerous times), the plans for the new house (numerous times), her mortgage options (numerous times), the fact that the new house has had no curtains left in it and the windows have SUCH a large drop (numerous times)..... You get the idea. And her phone has been ringing NON-BLOODY-STOP with phonecalls about it. Which is really annoying when you're trying to work, especially as she is one of those 'I am on the phone so I must talk VERY loudly' types. Wah! Get me out of there....

I'm getting really fed up of the number of people driving like idiots at the moment. I do not enjoy having someone drive behind me with their lights on main beam. Or people jumping priorities on roundabouts. Or people pulling out/over without checking the traffic first. Anyone else experiencing this? Or is it all reserved for me?!

Anyway, now that that's off my chest I'll be off!!! I'm now tweeting as @AchesAndCakes if anyone wants random updates in the interims between blogs...

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  1. This struck a chord! I have worked with peeps like this. Men and women. They're too busy talking to answer their own phone, so it switches to you! But when the boss comes in, they look busy. grr.